As in anything, stress management is a process – and stress management courses help individuals and teams identify challenges, and work through the process systematically.

With targeted skills and techniques, each team can create a stress management system that best suits their needs.

  1. Overview courses –  techniques for effectively managing workplace stress, to improve productivity and personal well-being.
    A comprehensive stress management training course, offering practical solutions to reduce and manage workplace stress.
  2. Courses for employees to raise employee awareness of their personal stress levels and to help manage stress more effectively.
  3. For team leaders, supervisors and line managers who wish to reduce and manage work-related stress.

Costs and benefits of reducing work-related stress

  • Impact and costs of stress on the organisation
  • The legal case for dealing with work-related stress
  • The legal obligation of the employer to reduce work-related stress
  • Why tackle workplace stress?

Our stress, stressors and controls

  • An introduction to stress awareness
  • The fight, flight or freeze
  • The performance zone

Recognising our personal signs and symptoms of stress –  the stress signature 

  • The four facets of stress – emotional, mental, physiological and behavioural
  • The long term health effects of stress
  • Social impacts of stress – at work and at home

Stress management tools

  • Our current tools
  • New strategies
  • Hot tips for managing stress
  • Key Steps of Risk Assessment – Presentation and facilitated group discussion

The HSE Management Standards Approach

  • The Risk Assessment approach to reducing stress in the workplace
  • Ways to encourage employers and employees to work in partnership to address work-related stress throughout the organisation
  • The areas of work that can give rise to stress
  • A review of the standards
  • Strategies for managing workplace stress

How an Effective Manager Addresses Stress

  • Key role of the line manager
  • Stress management skills and competencies

Moving Forward

  • Action planning

Jane Nathan and Education4Health have provided a welcome contribution to our Wellbeing Agenda at Chessington World of Adventures.  I believe that Jane has the attributes and skills to add tremendous value to the Wellbeing Strategy at the Resort.

Jane recently facilitated 2 Stress Awareness and Resilience Workshops for a number of our Managers and Team Leaders.  We found her to have a highly engaging, interactive and inclusive style.

Pre workshop stress audit questionnaires have proven to be an excellent precursor to the session and have offered a valuable insight to areas of potential stress.

A survey, following the workshop, shows that 100% of responses either agreed or strongly agreed that the workshop content was useful, with one candidate commenting that they “the practical focus of the training and the focus upon the responsibility of all parties, including the employee and employer, was extremely useful.”

Jane’s approach appears both knowledgeable and credible with 100% of the attendees highly recommending this workshop to a friend or colleague.

Specific feedback included comments that :-

  • All managers should attend the course
  • The course was very insightful into work and personal stress

Another candidate commented that Jane was, “very knowledgeable, shared personal experiences and kept the session fun and interactive.”We will certainly be using Jane’s services again and would highly recommend this workshop to other organisations”.