Jane’s background is in Education, Clinical Research (new medicines: within GlaxoSmithKline) and Medical Education (taught courses, clinical experience and e-learning).

In addition to running the Medical Education company she founded some 15 years ago, Jane subsequently established a multidisciplinary clinic in Guildford, Surrey with a focus on mental health throughout the lifespan. This clinical team comprised a strong panel of over 30 – psychological/psychiatric practitioners.

Jane therefore has an insight into “front line” mental health issues and their optimum management.

Jane attended Manchester University, where she studied Botany, with Zoology and Psychology. She holds a 1st class Honours degree.

Jane continues to attend regular CPD events and other development programmes.


Jane draws on her own experience to inform her sessions – experience as a lecturer in higher education, as a clinical scientist in the development of new medicines, as a global medical education professional including virtual delivery e-learning, and, latterly, in running a multidisciplinary mental health clinic.

  • Excellent communicator and public speaker
  • Sound scientific background and analytic skills
  • Broad education experience, including gap/needs analysis and formulating multilevel interventions across organisations, and their evaluation
  • Experience of working in blue chip environment, including global research programmes
  • Skills in e-learning and virtual delivery, internationally
  • Clinical insights, from research programmes, clinical preceptorships, and the clinical setting

What I Can Offer

I work with those in:

  • Education (schools, colleges, and universities)
  • Organisations (charities and public bodies)
  • Corporations
  • Individuals (via the open enrolment programmes)

I offer certification courses such as:

Full range of Mental Health First Aid courses — Youth, Adult and Higher Education

Of varying durations: half day, one day or two day

Delivery by: face to face or virtual

Bespoke solutions.

Having worked with many different organisations, Jane draws on her portfolio of talks and workshops that can be selected and tailored to suit the audience.

Content is constantly updated, using regular CPD and literature reviews etc..

Jane is a lively and effective trainer who puts people at ease and helps them to develop their skills and understanding of what can be, at times, a complex and distressing subject.

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